Admin users

If you manage your company's vLex subscription, you will have access, and be able to manage, the accounts of everyone within the company.

Organisations with a vLex account can designate an admin user. That person will have the ability to manage the subscription through the Manage corporate accounts menu, which is located under the profile icon.

To reassign the administrative user role to someone else, or to find out who the admin user is for your account, please contact your vLex account manager.

Managing your account

In the Manage your account menu, you can click on Profile. This will allow you to edit your details, including your personal and company information, and you can also add pictures and change your location settings too. This menu is present for all users.

Changing your location settings will change the newsfeed on the homepage for all users registered to the account.

Manage corporate accounts

For the admin user options, go to Manage corporate accounts, located in the top-right menu.

In the window that appears, you will see: Users, Statistics, IP access, and SSO access.


This screen shows you information on user management options on the left, and the user list on the right.

To learn how to create and manage users, read User management.

Statistics screen

On this screen, you can see usage statistics, generate reports, and download them.

IP access screen

This will show a list of IP addresses assigned to your account. To modify these or add more, contact your account manager.

SSO access screen

On this screen, you will see a link to the Scripts↗ page. There, you can download the code in different languages to implement the SSO script on your website.

For more information about implementing SSO, read Providing access.

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