Chrome extension

Integrate vLex with your Chrome browser to improve your web experience.

The vLex Chrome extension will show you vLex results when you search on Google, and will add links to legal citations on any website.

To install the extension, go to the Google Web Store on Chrome and search for vLex. Select vLex, then Add to Chrome and then Add extension on the pop-up.

Using the Chrome extension

Showing vLex results in Google.

When you search with Google, the Chrome extension will search the vLex database and embed relevant vLex results into your Google results. All vLex results will have an icon, signalling that these results are being shown by the vLex extension.

When you go to a website that makes reference to legal documents, such as a court's website, the vLex extension will automatically transform plain text into vLex links. As soon as you find a reference to an interesting document, you can link straight through to vLex to read it.

Depending on the site that you're visiting, vLex links may not appear automatically. If you would like to create links, use the toggle available. Some sites have not given permission for us to add links, and they therefore won't appear.

All data that goes through the Chrome extension is anonymous, vLex cannot relate the use of the Chrome extension to any user.

Video walkthrough

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