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This is a short version of our privacy policy. If you wish to read the policy in full, please go to Privacy policy↗.

vLex collects certain personal data that is necessary to provide you with the best possible service. By using the service, you accept our Privacy policy.

You can access your user profile to manage your information and amend the privacy settings at any time.

vLex uses your personal information to customise your experience, process your purchases, and make sure the service works for you as intended.

vLex will not share your personal information, except with subsidiaries and affiliate companies that are necessary to provide the service. These may include:

  • Distributors of vLex services

  • Billing companies and payment processors

  • Auditors

  • Customer service subcontractors

  • Emission and reception

  • Credit reference or anti-fraud agencies and insolvency files

  • Banking entities and financial services companies

  • Marketing and PR companies

  • Data centres and hosting companies

  • Online software providers

  • Collection companies

  • Online advertising companies

If you use vLex as part of an organisation, the administrator of your account may have access to your activity on vLex. By using the service, you acknowledge that your data may be viewed by other members of your organisation.

vLex may provide information to a governmental, judicial or security agency that requests such information in accordance with the law.

vLex information may be stored and processed in Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States or in any other country where vLex facilities or its affiliates, subsidiaries or service providers are located.


By using vLex, you consent to the use of cookies, which you can reject by changing your browser settings or ceasing the usage of the service by cancelling your subscriptions. You may lose some functionality by rejecting cookies.

Cookies are used to recognise you and tailor the service accordingly. It is also used for security purposes to prevent abuse of the service, and for marketing purposes.

Personal data

Names of persons or other personal data are an intrinsic part of legal content. vLex is committed to complying with the personal data regulations of each country or jurisdiction, and eliminates personal data where it is required by the law. If you believe that your data should be deleted, or that a document cites your name or other personal information and this causes you a loss, please contact

vLex will keep personal information as long as it is necessary to comply with the objectives in the privacy policy, current legislation and regulation for a period never exceeding 10 years from the end of the contractual relationship with the user.

vLex will take the appropriate technical and security measures to protect user information.


vLex may occasionally ask you about your experience with the service with the objective of improving it. Providing this information is voluntary.

vLex may also contact you about errors or service problems.

Promotional communications regarding products and services are based on a legitimate interest to keep you up-to-date with news about vLex services.


To communicate with vLex in relation to the brand, send your request for assistance to the customer support team.

For Europe:

vLex Networks, SL Almogàvers 119-123 08017 Barcelona, Spain. Phone: +34 (93) 272 26 85

Edgar Neville 6 – 28020 Madrid, Spain. Phone: +34 (902) 301 402

Outside Europe:

vLex LLC 1200 Brickell Ave Suite 1950 – 33131 Miami, FL

Data Protection Officer

In virtue of the obligations derived from the RGPD, our Data Protection Officer can be contacted using these channels:

Almogàvers 119, 4th floor 08018 Barcelona, Spain. Phone: +34 (932) 722 685

Personal data

vLex databases contain legislation, official journals, case law, contracts, books, and more. These databases may include names or other personal data that are an intrinsic part of the content. vLex complies with personal data regulations and will eliminate data where required by law.

If you believe that your published personal data should be deleted, please contact the Department of Privacy: Privacy Department Almogàvers 119-123, 3rd floor 08018 Barcelona, Spain. Phone: +34 (932) 722 685 Fax: +34 (933) 807 710

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