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vLex Credits

Use vLex credits to access documents or features not included in your subscription.
When you cannot see a document because you do not subscribe to it, speak to your account manager to upgrade your subscription, to ensure that you have access to all documents relevant to you. If this is a one-off that doesn't warrant a subscription, you can purchase the document using credits.
Documents that are outside of your subscription will have this icon
vLex Credits are only available for certain jurisdictions.
Accessing a document using vLex Credits
Your vLex Credits balance can be seen at the top of your screen. Click on it to open a pop-up dialogue to purchase credits.
vLex Credits
vLex Credits expire 365 days after purchase.
To purchase a document, click View full document when you reach the prompt at the bottom.
Purchasing a document

Accessing purchased documents

When you purchase a document, you will always have access to it, regardless of any changes to your subscription. To access any documents that you have purchased, go to Folders from the main menu and select Purchased documents.
When searching on vLex, if you want to limit the results to only include documents within your subscription, use the toggle at the bottom of the filters on the results screen.