Document management

vLex provides you with the tools you need for easy digital document management.

Our document management tools are always located in the top right corner of a document.

Save as favourite

The Save as favourite icon will save the document you are reading, allowing you to easily find it again in your folders.

Find the documents you mark as favourites in the Folders menu. For advice on making the most of your folders, read Create a research workflow.

Add to folder

This option adds the document into your Folders. Use the pop-up dialogue to add the document to a new folder, or put it into an existing one.

Another way of adding documents to your folders is to add highlights or notes to them.


Print any document using this icon. You can choose to include highlights or notes, and select the font size.

After selecting Print, the process that follows will depend on your browser and operating system.


The Share tab allows you to share a document with colleagues or other vLex users in various ways. You can use social media, email, reference managers, or copy a link to the document, which you can paste wherever suits you.


  • Selecting Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn will open a new tab, automatically creating a post on that site with a link to the document you are sharing.

  • Email will open a pop-up within vLex from which you can send a link to the document. Your recipient will get an email from informing them that you have sent the document.

Reference managers

These integrations are great for researchers who want to keep their citations in dedicated software.

  • RefWorks will open in a new tab where you can sign into their website.

  • RIS (EndNote) will download the .ris file to your computer. You can use this file to upload the information from the Import References menu in EndNote Desktop or EndNote online.


  • Link to page will open a box with a link you can use to share immediate access to the relevant page on vLex.

  • ID vLex is a number you can enter into vLex, or share with others, that will allow you to find the document quickly and easily.


The Download button opens a menu where you can choose between downloading a PDF or a Word version of the document.

Usually, PDFs will open in a new tab of your browser, and you will need to click download again on the PDF reader.

Microsoft Word (.docx) documents usually go straight into your downloads folder.

Video walkthrough

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