vLex Cloud

Integrate your knowledge with vLex to enhance your research.

Linking your own legal documents to a larger database, such as vLex, will provide you with helpful insights into your own work, and allow you to conduct your legal research faster. vLex's algorithms learn from your commonly cited sources and precedents, using this information to give you better insights.

You can search across your own documents on vLex, alongside millions of others and they will be enriched with links and annotations to the documents on vLex, allowing you a seamless research experience.

Integrating your documents

To use vLex Cloud, simply connect a cloud storage service. vLex currently supports Dropbox↗, and Microsoft's OneDrive↗ with more to be added soon.

To get started, click Connect your vLex, and then Next on the homepage. Select your cloud storage service and agree to the Terms of service↗ and the Privacy policy↗.

This will automatically open a new window where you can log in to your chosen service.

You might have to disable your pop-up blocker if you have one.

Use the checkboxes to select the folders you want to sync and then click Done.

Give vLex some time to upload and analyse your documents. Depending on the number and size of your documents, this could take a while. The number of indexed documents will be visible on the vLex Cloud card on your Home page.

Reading your documents on vLex

You can now find your documents using a variety of different search options. You can read them, and also analyse them using our various features, such as highlights, notes, translation and folders.

When using your own document on vLex, select Related to run it through Vincent. This will show you similar documents that you may be interested in.

Only you and the users that you explicitly authorise have the ability to access any documents you upload. Certain technical support engineers have the authority required to access the raw data stored in vLex Cloud. However, they will only access it after receiving explicit permission from you, and only while investigating a support or service related issue. Your access information to your cloud service is encrypted and deleted when you disconnect the service.

Where is vLex Cloud information stored?

All data is stored on Amazon Web Services. Amazon Web Services is certified ISO 27001: 2013 and is independently audited in compliance with SOC 1, SOC 2 and SOC 3 standards in accordance with the ISAE 3402 standard.

These services are running in AWS us-east-1, which is in North Virginia, USA.

Managing vLex Cloud

In the vLex Cloud settings, you can disconnect your cloud service from vLex by using the toggle.

You can also amend your synced folders by checking or unchecking the boxes.

To learn more about how to integrate your personal documents and research with vLex, read Incorporate documents into vLex.

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