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Find exactly what you need, in less time, with vLex’s search tools.

Before you start searching, ensure you have selected the correct jurisdiction.

What search tool should I use?

For broad searches, or to access known documents, use the simple search bar.

For perusing vLex's content based on the type of information, jurisdiction, or area of law, use Browse.

For complex searches where you have different pieces of information, use Advanced search.

Finally, when the starting point of your research is a document or a section of text, use Vincent AI.

Your search results are tailored to your jurisdiction and your previous history on vLex. Your screen might look slightly different from one search to the next, but the fundamentals explained here are constant.

The intuitive vLex search bar will suggest cases, documents, books, and journals as you type. Hit return on your keyboard or click the magnifying glass icon to generate a list of results.

The search bar accepts operators like AND, OR, NOT, etc. To learn more about these, please read the Boolean operators article.


Use the Browse tool to start filtering your results by specific jurisdictions, courts, document types, categories of law or practice areas. Select Browse on the left to begin, then click through, making selections as you go to get the most relevant results.

After using Browse to find your results, you could filter further by using the Search in results field at the top of the Filters column. This will allow you to add more keywords and make sure that your top results are as relevant as possible.

For a more in-depth explanation, read the Browse article.

When you know a lot of information about the search you want to run, we recommend using the Advanced search located in the left menu. This option has multiple filters and fields to support more complex and precise searches.

When using Advanced search, select the relevant jurisdiction(s), then the content type. Finally, add any specific words or search terms you wish to include.

For more information, please read the Advanced search article.

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