Frequently Asked Questions

A list of the most common questions about Vincent AI.

Is there a way to set up my question to improve results?

Yes! You can use the below tips to help Vincent formulate the best possible answer for you:

Be Precise

Be specific in your question, detailing exactly what you need to know. Imagine you are asking a legal expert.

Original Prompt:

"How do you make a will?

Improved Prompt:

"What are the requirements for the validity of a holographic will according to the Spanish Civil Code?"

Add Context

Providing context, such as specific law or applicable legal frameworks, guides Vincent AI to offer a response that aligns with those legal regulations and practices.

Original Prompt:

"Which laws apply to mortgages?"

Improved Prompt:

"Under the Spanish Mortgage Law, what are the rights of the mortgage debtor in case of foreclosure?"

Use Relevant Legal Terminology

The correct use of legal terminology is crucial for accuracy. This ensures that Vincent AI understands and responds in the appropriate context.

Original Prompt:

"Can the registration of a trademark be prohibited?"

Improved Prompt:

"What circumstances must occur for a general prohibition of access to the Registry of a trademark?"

Request Opinions Based on Specific Sources

Asking for interpretations or analysis based on specific legal sources (such as case law or doctrine) ensures that responses are grounded in the correct legal system.

Original Prompt:

"What does the law say about unfair dismissals?"

Improved Prompt:

"How has the concept of 'unfair dismissal' been interpreted, based on the Supreme Court's jurisprudence?"

Avoid Ambiguities

Being specific and avoiding generalities helps to avoid vague or overly broad responses that may not be helpful.

Original Prompt:

"What do I need to register a trademark?"

Improved Prompt:

"What are the steps to register a trademark at the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office?"

Include Preferred Response Format

If you need information in a specific format (such as a summary, a list, etc.), indicate it in your prompt to guide the structure of Vincent AI's response.

Original Prompt:

"Give me an overview of the Civil Procedure Law."

Improved Prompt: "Summarize the key points of the Civil Procedure Law regarding forced execution procedures."

What languages are supported?

Legal Research Workflows

You can ask in any language in any of the available countries (i.e., asking in English questions about Mexican Law or in Spanish about UK Law).

Document-based Workflows

We support English and Spanish language documents.

Below is an overview of the content that Vincent AI will consider, broken down by jurisdiction. For more details, contact us.

Please be aware that Vincent AI will only consider content included in your individual subscription.

United States

Statutes and Constitutions, Administrative Codes, Reported and Unpublished Case Law, Administrative Decisions, Books and Treaties, Law Journals

United Kingdom

Legislation, Judgments, Law Journals


Legislation, Judgments


Legislation, Case Law, Administrative Decisions


Legislation, Case Law

European Union

EU Legislation and Treaties, EU Case Law, Law Journals


Legislation, Case Law


Legislation, Case Law


Legislation, Case Law

How easy is it to include the Firm’s Data or third-party content in Vincent?

  • vLex Labs. Enterprise clients can work with vLex to include

    • Content published on public websites relevant to their use cases (web scraping)

    • Content included in third-party services via API

What are the size limitations for the “Analyze a Document” skill?

Our general recommendation is no more than 50 documents at once, with either 5MB maximum document size or a total of 25MB for all documents.

What file formats are supported by Vincent?

  • Word (.doc)

  • PDFs (.pdf)

  • Text (.txt) files

  • Zip compressed files

If the documents inside a zip file are not Word, PDF, or text, does Vincent skip those files in analyzing? For example, how would it approach a spreadsheet?

If some docs in the zip are not analyzable (like Excel files), those are skipped so that the rest can be processed.

How frequently does Vincent AI receive updates, and how are these updates communicated to users?

  • Content databases are updated continuously.

    • Specifically for US case law: Every night our editorial team processes all the cases posted by the courts on the preceding day. The cases are loaded into our platform before 9 AM EST on the day after their original publication and are immediately accessible as authorities in Vincent.

  • Vincent AI features, and UX is updated every two weeks.

  • Your Account Manager will communicate any updates.

Answer Not Here?

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