Organisational tools

Tools to manage your legal research within vLex.

Organisational tools in vLex allow you to:

Folders and favourites

To organise your research, you can create folders within vLex and add documents to them. This allows you to create your own system, with separate folders for documents relating to cases you're working on, or you own research interests. You can also mark documents as favourites, which makes them easy to come back to if they are documents that you rely on frequently.

In the document viewer, select Save as favourite or Add to folder in the top right.

To see or manage your favourites and folders, select Folders from the main menu.

For more information on this feature, read the Folders article. For ideas on how to sort your documents, read Organise your research.

Notes and highlights

When reading a document, you can create notes and highlight passages that are particularly important for your research. These are only visible to you.

To do this, select the passage you want to highlight or attach a note to. A small menu will appear, letting you choose either Highlight or Note.

Your notes and highlights will be saved and will appear whenever you open the document. Refresh the page to see them as soon as you have created them. Delete notes and highlights by clicking the x button.

To manage documents with highlights or notes, go to Folders and then select Documents with marks.

For more information on how to use this tool, read Notes and highlights. You can also explore the Organise your research article for useful tips.

vLex Cloud

Link your Dropbox or OneDrive services to vLex to sync your documents and have the ability to use our tools, including search, Notes and highlights, and the Related tab, on your own work.

Select Get started on the vLex Cloud card on the Home page to connect your cloud service(s). Then, simply follow the instructions on the screen to seamlessly sync your documents. Only you and the users that you explicitly authorise have the ability to access the documents you upload.

For a more detailed explanation, read vLex Cloud.

vLex for Word

Adding vLex for Word from the Microsoft Office Suite onto your computer will allow you to update and analyse your Word documents in real time.

Search for the add-in in the Microsoft Store.

For a more detailed explanation of this add-in, read vLex for Word.


Select the Print icon at the top right of the document viewer. A pop-up will appear giving you the option to include your notes and highlights, and also decide the size of the text.


Click Share to display a menu with various sharing options. Share your document on social media, by email, with reference managers, or copy the document link so that you can share it through other means.

For a more detailed explanation, read Share.


Clicking Download gives you the option to download a PDF or Word file of a document.

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