Fine-tune your legal research experience by personalising your settings.

Language settings

When your account is created, it will automatically be in the language set by the main account holder (usually a librarian or the person who took out the subscription). If you want to change the language, open the Account management menu in the top-right corner and click Language settings.

A menu will open that lets you choose your interface language, and also how you want us to display your translated documents.

Privacy and cookies

From the Account Management menu, you are also able to view and amend your Privacy and cookies settings. Here, you can opt-out of both marketing cookies and marketing communications.


To change the jurisdiction settings on your account, go to Manage your account and change your country. This will customise certain aspects of your account, such as the first jurisdiction you see when you open the Browse menu and the news section.

If you want to change your default jurisdiction for searches, you can do this from the top search bar by selecting Jurisdiction, or if you're using the Advanced search page, select the jurisdiction you want and select Apply and set as default.

Video walkthrough

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