vLex offers a wide range of subscription options to suit your needs.

vLex offers a variety of Plans↗ that allow you to customise your subscription, ensuring you only pay for access to the collections you need.

When you sign in to vLex, at the bottom of the main menu you will see Your plan: followed by the products included in your subscription.

Content outside my subscription

Regardless of what you actually choose to subscribe to, you can still search across the complete vLex database. If you come across a document that you do not have access to, you can see a certain amount of information to determine if you want full access or not.

If you find documents not included in your plan, you can use vLex Credits to purchase them. If you are in a country where vLex Credits aren't available, please contact your account manager. For all documents, you can see if they are available on the Citations & Sources tab. We index over 100 sources, including free online resources, so you may be able to connect to the document elsewhere, should you not have access on vLex.

To add content to your subscription, please contact your account manager or email

Trial access

When you first register for vLex, you will have full access to the website for three days.

If you would like access to more products during your trial, contact a member of the vLex team by emailing

vLex Open

When your trial is over, if you have not purchased a vLex subscription, your account will change to vLex Open, which offers a restricted version of vLex.

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