vLex connects with different services around the web to make your research experience as easy as possible.


RefWorks↗ is a web-based bibliography and database manager. It integrates with vLex to ensure that your citations are correct and written in the desired format, such as Chicago or APA.

When viewing a document, click Share in the top right corner, and then RefWorks. This will take you directly to the Refworks site.


EndNote↗ is a bibliography and database manager which is widely used by academics and for professional research.

EndNote uses .ris files which include all of the metadata needed to create citations. To download a .ris file, click Share and then RIS (EndNote). This will download the file to your computer. You can then import this file to EndNote online or EndNote Desktop using the Import Reference option.

vLex has no commercial relationship with EndNote or RefWorks. This feature is available for academic, corporate, and government accounts.

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