Usage statistics

Learn how to access usage statistics for your organisation to explore how frequently the company's subscription is being used.

Administrators can view and download usage statistics for all users under your account.

This page is for registered account administrators. If you are not the account administrator but need to access your account's usage statistics, contact the person who is registered, or your vLex account manager.

To access the statistics for your account, go to Manage corporate accounts and then select Statistics on the left-hand side.

On this screen, you will see usage from across the last 18 months and the last 30 days. You will also see the past 30 days of usage from the mobile app. The total number of documents viewed will be displayed in orange, and the total number of searches performed are displayed in blue.

To download the statistics, select the Download CSV button next to each chart.

For complete usage information, you will need to run both the web application and mobile application reports.

Statistics in a range

If you need usage statistics from a specific time frame, select Generate statistics in a range. Enter your required start and end dates, then enter your email address. We will send your usage statistics by email, and you can enter up to 10 email addresses to receive them.

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