User management

Admin users can create, block, and delete users, and help with the restoration of their passwords.

Creating users

Go to Manage Corporate Accounts. Click on the Users tab on the left, then select Create user.

To create a new user, you will need to provide their name, email and phone number. They will receive an email from with the subject New account, prompting them to click on a link and create a password.

You can use Create multiple users to register more than one user at a time, particularly useful if you have a long list.

To do this, use this template or create a CSV or a TXT file that follows this format:

First Name,Last Name,Email John,Smith, Jane,Smith, ...

The first row should contain the words First Name,Last Name,Email. The subsequent rows should contain the information of your users. Upload this file to the Create multiple users window and then click Create.

Blocking or deleting users

You can block or delete a user by selecting the desired checkboxes and then clicking Block user or Delete user.

When a blocked user attempts to log in, they will receive a message saying "Invalid username or password".

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