This feature will keep you updated when new documents are added to vLex that match your search criteria.

After creating an alert, you will receive emails with lists of documents that match your search criteria. You can select how often you want to receive the emails, and whether you always want to receive them, or just when there have been changes.

Creating an alert

Go to Advanced search from the main menu and enter your search criteria.

When you finish, at the bottom of the page, click Save as an alert.

If you have already run a search and then want to create an alert for it, use the Create an alert button at the top-right of the results page.

By default, all of these options will create a weekly alert. You can amend this, and create other alerts, in the Manage your alerts menu.

Manage your alerts

To see or change your active alerts, go to the menu in the top right of the page and click Manage your alerts. This will open a list of the alerts you have set up on your account.

To create an alert, click New alert in the top right corner.

Use the Delete button to the right of an alert to remove it.

You may want to change an alert if, for example, your search terms are not finding the best results, or if you are getting too many emails. Simply click the Edit button on the alert you want to alter. This will open a window with all the search terms and filters used to create the alert, which you can then amend. You can also choose how often you want to receive the emails.

When the Send always option is activated, you will receive an email even if there are no new documents. You can turn this off if you only want to receive an email when there are new documents matching your search. The toggle to cancel will effectively pause the alert so that you have the option to turn it back on at a later date without having to set the alert up again.

Click on Save changes when you have finished editing your alert.

Video walkthrough

Alerts are different from the notifications you receive when you follow documents.

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