Ensure you never miss anything with a newsfeed that is customised to your preferences and updated daily.

The vLex Homepage displays legal news, important legislative changes, recently published documents or publications, and key information. The news is tailored based on your jurisdiction, the documents and publications that you follow, and your patterns as a user. For certain jurisdictions, you will also see SmartTopics.

Personalised news

For certain jurisdictions, the personalised news tab will display your SmartTopics, and updates to any documents you follow.

Latest news

The latest news section shows displays leading news stories, as well as updates to the documents you follow, including journals, newspapers, blogs, and dockets. Personalise this by making sure you are following documents relevant to your work.

International news

Under this tab, you will find news and relevant information on an international level.

Customise the Newsfeed

To customise your Newsfeed, click Edit your vLex on the top right. Here, you will also be able to stop following documents using the toggles if they are no longer relevant.

If you want to know more about following documents and sources, read Follow documents.

Customise personalised news

Depending on your jurisdiction, you will have the ability to further customise the news that is shown to you. To do this, go to Edit your vLex and select the SmartTopics that are most relevant to your work and research. You can follow or unfollow them at any time by using the toggles.

In the column on the right, you can choose to receive a weekly or daily digest of all updates, and decide whether you want to receive the SmartTopics notifications.

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