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Notes and highlights

Add notes and highlights to any vLex document to assist you with your legal research.
When you find passages of text that you consider useful, or you have ideas while reading a document that you don't want to forget, the best way of organising your research is by using vLex's notes and highlights feature. When reading a document, highlight any part of the text with your cursor and a menu will appear giving you two options: Highlight or Note.


Highlight allows you to pinpoint important parts of the text. You will be able to see your highlighted text to the left of the document as soon as you refresh the page.
Highlighting a section of text in a document


Add a note to any highlighted text. It could be a reminder, an analysis, or just somewhere to jot down ideas as you get them. The note will be shown next to the highlighted text on the left side of the document, and will be visible as soon as you refresh the page.
Adding a note to a document
Your highlights will be green to differentiate them from the commonly cited passages, which appear in different shades of blue.
Highlighted text in green vs commonly cited passages in blue

Highlight and note management

To access your documents with highlights and notes, go to Folders from the main menu and select Documents with marks.
When you open any document, your notes and highlights will be on the left. For a highlight, you will see the text in green. For a note, your addition will be in bold.
Notes and highlights
To delete a note or highlight, use the Clear icon.
Deleting notes and highlights