Alerts and notifications

Stay up-to-date and in the loop with a little help from vLex.

vLex can keep you updated with newly published documents immediately through the alerts feature. In addition, you can receive updates on existing documents with the notifications features.


Alerts allow you to receive email notifications when new documents arise that fit certain criteria defined by you. These can be created for any vLex search, and you can amend them when required.

After you have run a search, select the icon on the results page to create an alert, so that you are notified whenever new documents are added to vLex matching your search criteria.

A second way of creating an alert is by using the Save as an alert button at the bottom of the Advanced search page.

You can manage your alerts at any time by clicking the person icon in the top-right corner of vLex.

For a more in-depth explanation of this feature, read Alerts.


The alerts feature sends you emails to let you know about new documents. In contrast, the notifications feature gives you updates on existing documents or SmartTopics. These notifications will show up on your web browser, the vLex mobile app, or will be communicated by email.

To follow any documents, such as journals or dockets, and get notifications when they are updated or amended, use the toggle at the top of each document.

You can also see this toggle on the SmartTopics results page.

To manage your notifications, use the Edit your vLex menu on your Homepage.

For a more detailed description of this feature, read Follow documents and SmartTopics.

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