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To determine if a document is good law, vLex shows you how and where it has been subsequently cited.

The images displayed on this page are screenshots taken directly from the Cited authorities tab in the Precedent Map.

One of the tabs you will see when reading a case or a piece of legislation is Cited in. Under this tab, you will see a list of the documents that have used the document you are looking at as precedent.

Filters for the Cited in tab

You can use filters to find specific documents in the list. On the left side of the screen, you will find filters that will change depending on the case and your settings. You will usually be able to filter by the type of content, jurisdiction, and date.

For ideas on how to use this feature as part of your research, read the Analyse documents article.

Treatments of cases in the Cited in tab

For certain jurisdictions, you might see a phrase above the title of a case in red, green, or black. These phrases and colours tell you how your document has been referred to by other cases, with negative treatments automatically coming to the top to let you know if your case is still good law.

These phrases are added by the vLex editorial team to guide your research. To learn more about this, read the Treatment types article.

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