Collections of court documents housed on vLex, and updated daily. Follow dockets of interest and be notified of any changes as soon as they happen.

Currently, vLex holds comprehensive collections of Dockets in the UK, Ireland and Mexico. Dockets provide updates on ongoing cases and court filings.

You will have the option to follow dockets, or to set up notifications so that you are updated as soon as there is a change to a case.

Searching for dockets

There are various ways to find dockets on vLex, here are some options:

  • Use Advanced search, and select dockets as your Content type. Enter your search terms using the usual Words fields.

  • Use Browse by selecting the Dockets filters and then choose the court you wish to explore. You can then use the Search in results field or one of the other filters to find a specific result.

Included in Dockets

  • Court level

  • Docket number

  • Filed date

  • Plaintiff counsel

  • Defendant counsel

  • Plaintiff

  • Defendant

  • Procedure type

  • Chronological listing of:

    • Papers filed by the parties

    • Orders, judgments, and other papers issued by the court

    • Appearances, verdicts, and other in-court events

    • Status as opened or closed

UK Dockets in vLex are available from 2019 onwards, and are updated weekly for the High Court and hourly for the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal.

Following Dockets

The Follow toggle, next to the title at the top of the document, will add the docket to your followed documents. You will then automatically get notifications of any changes.

For more information about this feature, read Follow documents.

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