Versions and amendments

vLex tells you if legislation has been changed, and details exactly how it has been amended.


Legislation that has been amended will have a Versions tab. Clicking this tab will give you access to a list of the amended versions, with the most recent on top.

Where available, when you click View changes, a side-to-side comparison of versions will appear. Changes will be highlighted in red on the left-hand screen and green on the right. Deleted text will be stricken-through and red. Any text that has been subsequently added will be highlighted in a darker shade of green.

You can also see the previous versions by clicking Historical version to the right of the link.


When vLex does not currently have a consolidated version of a piece of legislation, the page could display an alert at the top of the screen to let you know that the legislation has been modified. To see these modifications, go to Amendments.

The tab will show two options on the left:

  • Amending items: shown by year from the most recent. This link will display a list of the documents that have modified the current version.

  • Amended items: this will show a list of the documents that have been modified by the current version.

Each amended document is a link, clicking it will take you straight to that document.

Video walkthrough

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