Access news on vLex to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in your chosen area of law.


The main source of news in vLex is the Newsfeed. You will see two or three tabs of news, depending on your jurisdiction. Personalise it with SmartTopics, and by following documents, journals, blogs, and dockets that are of interest.

Searching for news and newspapers

Search using the simple search bar, and then select the Newspapers filter. You could also start from Browse and filter down by Newspapers, or use the Content option on the Advanced search page. Please see the examples below for more details.

News from the Browse menu

From the Browse menu, depending on your jurisdiction, select either News or Newspapers. Depending on the collection available for your selected jurisdiction, you may be able to filter further, or you will be taken directly to the Results page.

Newspapers from the Advanced search page

From Advanced search, select Newspapers as your content type. Then conduct your search normally using the fields and filters.

Filters for Newspapers

When you are searching for news, you will see the following filters:

  • Title: search for the words that appear in the title. You can include Boolean operators in this field too; for example, put the exact title between quotation marks to get the best results.

  • Date: this is the publication date. This field will show three options:

    • Since: to only see news published after a certain date.

    • Range of dates: to see news published within a certain range.

    • Exactly on: to search for news published on a particular date.

  • vLex Document ID: input the vLex Document ID to find that exact document you are looking for. You can get this number from the share option on the document.

  • Publisher: search for news from a specific publisher. Once you start typing, you will see a list of options. The list will vary depending on your chosen jurisdiction.

  • Source: search for news from a particular publication. Start typing to see a list of sources to choose from. The list will vary depending on your chosen jurisdiction.

  • Cited authorities: search for news that has cited a particular document. For example, if a new bill has been announced and you want to read what the media has said about it, start typing and a list of options will be displayed for you to choose from.

Reading Newspapers

When you select a Newspaper, the first page will show the publisher information on the left, articles published in the latest issue in the central column, and a list of links to the previous issues on the right.

The search field at the top of the left side can be used to search within the newspaper for keywords or passages. You can use Boolean operators in this field.

When you click on an article, you will see the following tabs at the top of the screen:

  • Document: display the full article.

  • Related: Vincent AI will search the text and show you cited material as well as other related documents.

When reading the news on vLex, you can add highlights and notes to assist you with your research. You can also use document management tools such as add to folders, mark as favourite, print, share, and download.

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