Your own documents

Integrating your own personal work with vLex can enhance and speed up your legal research.

The Your own documents tab allows you to connect your personal documents to vLex by using DropBox, box, OneDrive or Google Drive. For more information about setting this up, read our article on vLex Cloud.

To see a list of the documents you have synced, click the link on the card on your Home page.

After your documents are integrated with the service, you can use the following search methods to navigate them:

Use Advanced search to search across your documents, using any of the filters that appear below. Simply choose the relevant option from the various content types:

On the Results page, you can use the filters, such as the Search in results field, to further narrow your results.

After running any search on vLex, you will be able to see your own documents listed as one of the document types on the left-hand side of the screen. You can choose to include or exclude them, as with other categories of documents.

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