Work in collaboration

Teamwork is better when knowledge is shared.

Share documents with your team using vLex Cloud and the Share button.

Upload documents from Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, or Box, and then sync the folders with vLex Cloud. This will allow your team to have access to and build on the same knowledge, integrated and analysed by features like Vincent.

In these folders, we advise you to keep a master document with a list of cases that you commonly use. That way, you can use vLex to ensure that you are always updated with changes to the status of these cases, and can easily see how they have been subsequently cited.

If your company uses Office 365, download vLex for Word and share the documents in progress, this way your whole team can see any progress, as well as comment or suggest changes.

If you prefer not to constantly share documents in progress, but you do have to share certain documents on occasion, then it's best to use the Share button. This button gives you options to share documents with your colleagues in various ways; social media, email or even certain reference managers. Every document on vLex also has its own vLex ID, a number that works as an identifier that can be used in the Advanced search filters to reach any document.

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