vLex Analytics

Use analysis tools and insights from vLex to help you make better decisions.

vLex Analytics provides a detailed analysis of Spanish courts, cases, and appeals, giving you valuable information that you can take into account to make decisions.

vLex Analytics offers an analysis of public information and can provide a starting point for your research. You should not solely rely on this for your research.

You can access Analytics from the main menu. However, your jurisdiction needs to be set to Spain for you to see this option.

Court analysis

Select the Court analysis tab to be able to search for information based on court. You can either search for the court, or you can use the map to select a province, then a municipality, and finally use the menus to reach a court.

This dashboard will show you the name of the magistrate, an average number of days it takes to resolve a case, and the percentage of cases that are revoked.

Case analysis

The second tab in vLex Analytics will give you information about cases.

Select the type of case, then the type of circumstance (if applicable), and finally the relevant municipality.

Appeals analysis

Under the Appeals analysis tab, you can see the statistics for appeals. You can search by a particular type of appeal, or by cited law.

Select your preferred method for searching, type your search terms, and vLex will show you your results.

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