Accessing vLex

Make sure you are getting the best experience when using vLex.


The only piece of software you need to use vLex is a web browser.

We recommend Firefox↗ or Chrome↗ for the best experience, but you can also use Microsoft Edge↗ or Safari↗.

Your experience on vLex, and any other website, will be better and more secure when your software is up to date.

Mobile browsers

Having access to one of the largest collections of law from your phone and on the go is useful. vLex has most of the same functionalities in mobile browsers as it does on desktops. However, due to the smaller screen, some menus and tabs will not appear. These include Browse, Cited authorities, Cited in, the Precedent Map, and Related tabs. The translation and reader options are also unavailable. To access the full vLex platform, we recommend using a desktop where possible.

For mobile browsers, we recommend Firefox↗, Chrome↗, Microsoft Edge↗, and Safari↗.

Ad blockers

In some rare circumstances, ad blockers can recognise certain vLex features as advertisements. If you encounter any issues, try disabling your ad blockers.

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