Analyze Documents

Analyze documents and interact with our Vincent AI tool.

Vincent’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface enables you to upload any relevant legal document. Using vLex’s carefully designed prompts, lawyers can do a deep interrogation of any legal document to build arguments, analyze claims, generate defenses, and much more.

Analyze Documents

To get started, click the blue 'Vincent AI' button on the top bar, then select 'Analyze Documents'.

On the left, you can see your history. If you select any of these queries, it will show you the results it showed you before. As this does not re-run the search, it does not count as a new query. You can collapse your history by clicking the icon above it.

On the right, there is a summary of the types of tasks that Vincent can complete for you.

To see a full list, click here.

Either upload one or multiple documents from your personal files or drag and drop a document into the space on the left. Vincent will read the texts you have provided and suggest a list of tasks or research questions it can perform for you on the right.

Vincent accepts files smaller than 5MB in:

  • Word formats (.docx and .doc)

  • Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) with searchable text. If you have a scanned document, use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software before uploading the file to vLex.

  • Text files (.txt)

  • Rich text format files (.rtf)

Either select one of the available tasks or type your instructions into the box at the bottom of the page.

Vincent will generate a response for you in a useful and user-friendly format and you can use the icon on the right to copy the response to your clipboard.

You can then continue the conversation and ask Vincent to change the result depending on your preferred parameters.

If you select a green research question, Vincent will generate a response in the same way it would if you had asked a question. We will email you once this response has been generated, so you can continue with your research as normal while you wait.

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